My Review of Vibia Perpetua: I am a Christian by Naomi and Hannah Carrington


  One of my heroes is a woman named Perpetua. She was a noblewoman born in A. D. 180 in the city of Carthage in the Roman Empire. She was a woman who loved the Lord Jesus more than life.  Perpetua loved her family—her father, her mother, her younger brother, and her baby son—but she loved Jesus more and paid the ultimate price for it.
   I was so excited to find this lovely book on this hero of the faith. Combine a well-told, accurate story, with beautiful, colorful illustrations, and stunning interior and cover design in a sturdy hardcover book with thick pages, and you have a real treasure.
   There’s a real lack of quality children’s books today, but this one is definitely very high quality. And it’s not just for children. While a good book to read aloud to young children, it’s also great for the whole family. I, as a 20-year-old, loved it!
   I keep picking up this book and poring over the amazing illustrations. I also love that words from Perpetua’s own diary are included in the story. The glossary and notes to the reader are a helpful addition, too.
   Thank you Hannah and Naomi and the Carrington family for producing such an excellent book! 


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