Interview With Historical Fiction Author Amy Ullrich

Hi friends! Today, I'm excited to share with you an interview with historical fiction author Amy Ullrich and join in the cover reveal celebration for her new book! 


1. First off, tell us a bit about yourself.
I am a writer and artist based in Western Australia. I wrote my first “proper” story when I was six years old, and have been writing stories ever since. At first, I mostly wrote fairytales, but as my love for history grew, I decided to combine my two passions and write historical fiction instead!

2. What is your new book about?

Among the Outcast is Book II in my Heroes of Wessex series. (Book I was Among the Great.) The series is a historical fiction series set in the 9th century, during the reign of Alfred the Great. In Among the Outcast, we follow the journey of Edwin, now an outcast and fugitive, who desperately longs to earn the forgiveness and trust of King Alfred. But while Edwin wrestles with the growing conviction that he will never be able to pay for the wrong he did, he has no idea of the great danger closing in on his family...

3. What inspired you to write this series?

I’ve always been fascinated by King Alfred’s life and times, but my desire to set a story during his reign was sparked when I discovered that he was not only a ruler and a warrior, but a writer and translator. This led me to take a more in-depth look into his life and work. The more I studied him, the more fascinated I became by the heart and story behind this monarch who literally changed history. I decided to write a series of novels during his reign to help bring to life this pivotal period of history and to hopefully inspire my readers to find out more about this great king.

4. What do you hope readers come away from your book with?

Well, of course I hope they will come away with a deeper understanding of this amazing period of history. More than that, though, my prayer is that readers will come away with renewed minds and refreshed souls. Life can be hard at times and my hope is that these stories will give readers a little bit of respite and will encourage them as they face the daily challenges of their lives.

5. Do you know how many books you’ll write for this series?

I'm not sure yet. I tend to plan one book at a time. If I reach the end of a book and find that I still have material for another story, I write another book!

6. What is your favorite part of the writing process?

It's hard to say, because I enjoy all of it to some degree, but I think the part I enjoy most would be writing the first draft. That's when I get to put flesh on my outline and can really enjoy the story and the characters without having to worry too much about ensuring that the writing is perfect.

7.What made you decide to write historical fiction?

I've always loved history. It is ultimately the Great Story written by God, the greatest Author of all. Writing historical fiction is a great way to engage with that Story and to share it with others.

8.Who are a few of your favorite people from history?

Alfred the Great (of course), Amy Carmichael (I was named after her), and Thomas Vincent (a Puritan minister who courageously helped people during the Plague of 1665 and who wrote some wonderful books.)

9. What are a few of your favorite books or what authors have impacted your writing most?

My favorite books include: The Story of Rolf and the Viking Bow, Pride and Prejudice and The Lord of the Rings. To be honest, it's hard to say which authors have impacted my writing the most, because I've read so many, but I will say I learned a lot from a few interviews I heard with Douglas Bond. K.M. Weiland was also a massive help when it came to learning how to construct a novel.

10. Do you have any advice for aspiring authors seeking to glorify God with their writing?

Make sure that you have the right reasons for wanting to be an author. If your focus is on using your writing to glorify God and bless others, keep that goal in view and don't give up! Writing (and publishing) can be very tough at times, but if you have the right reasons for doing it, you will be able to push through and write a story that's worth fighting for!

11. Where can we find out more about you and your writing and buy your books?

The best way you can connect with me is through my email newsletter! Sign up at 

Among the Outcast will only be released later this year (2024) but right now, it's available on Kickstarter. The Kickstarter ends on May 30 so check out the link so you don't miss out!

You can buy Among the Great on my website, and on most online retail stores.


I hope you all enjoyed reading that interview as much as I did! 

And now some exciting news... 

Amy has just released the cover for her new book, the second book in her Heroes of Wessex series, Among the Outcast. 

Here it is: 

Isn't it lovely? 

I was able to be a pre-reader for the book, and I can tell you, it's excellent! It's a gripping adventure story with a beautiful message of redemption. I can tell Amy Ullrich did a lot of research and is very passionate about this time period and the themes! Set during the months after the battle of Edington, Among the Outcast dives deep into the complex themes of justice and forgiveness.

I also don't think I've ever read a book that reminded me so much of my own books! The writing style, characters, and themes were so similar to how I write yet in a different time period. So if you liked my A Torch in the Empire Series, I think you'll like Amy Ullrich's Heroes of Wessex series. I think she did an excellent job of writing a gripping adventure story with deep themes in a family-friendly way. I was glad to find another historical fiction book that isn’t focused on romance and is well-written with a strong Christian message naturally woven into the story

And the good news is, you don’t have to wait for its release later this year. The book is available NOW on Kickstarter! But it's only available until May 30th, so don't wait! 

Click here to find out more!

Always remember, "He who calls you is faithful, who also will do it," (1 Thess. 5:24). 
All for Him,

Savannah Jane


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